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User Game Character Stage/Cleared Difficulty Comment Keywords

Special Conditions Key
No Focused Movement No Bomb Usage No Vertical Movement No Misses Tool-Assisted Replay Tool-Assisted Replay (not marked by original uploader) Pacifist Other Condition DeSync
Tool-Assisted Unmarked
Tool Assist
Pacifist Other Desynced
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PlayerGameCharacter RouteScoreProgress / Spell CardUpload Date Special
Version (A)DifficultyMissesSpellsSlow%Human RatioRecord Date
(Majildian)StB Aya 418,900 All Clear 2012-06-09 17:45:40 Other Condition
1.02a None 0.000%
90 FPS Ex-8. This was pretty difficult to clear, the streaming bullets along with everything else on the last phase was very hard to read.
(Armadylspark)StB Aya 238,240 All Clear 2014-02-15 19:25:53
1.02a None 0.060%
Remilia shoots bats that shoot knives. Why doesn't she just she just shoot knives? Why not cut out the middle-man?
(chum)StB Aya 211,870 All Clear 2014-04-24 00:40:33
1.02a None 0.000%
4-1, 592 shots taken. I'm not sure what Reisen's best movement patterns are, but attempting to get the Nice shots on the earliest possible frame, while trying to get the most bullets from Reisen's previous position when snapping worked well enough. If you're scoring this scene, prepare to get a lot of accidental defensive shots as well as getting killed a lot just before snapping.
(MK)StB Aya 192,650 2009-10-11 22:42:44
1.02a None 0.000%
A demonstration.
(richasiandude)StB Aya 206,740 2010-02-21 11:10:36
1.02a None 0.000%
Lunar Limenite. Over THREE hours and over NINE-HUNDRED pictures went into getting this.
(Majildian)StB Aya 410,230 All Clear 2012-06-09 17:48:39 Other Condition
1.02a None 0.000%
90 FPS 8-7. Incredibly annoying to clear. It's just streaming back and forth and hope you can catch Ran for the last 2 pictures.
(Seiga Kaku)StB Aya 257,640 All Clear 2012-06-21 11:46:24
1.02a None 0.150%
StB 10-7, the badass way.
(Armadylspark)StB Aya 437,560 All Clear 2014-02-15 19:29:45
1.02a None 0.000%
Possibly my favourite StB card. Crazily dense and beautiful to boot. Wouldn't expect less of Yuyuko.
(chum)StB Aya 244,950 All Clear 2014-04-24 00:41:36
1.02a None 0.040%
4-2, 316 shots taken. Invisibullets galore. I actually kind of enjoy this scene, but it definitely is frustrating.
(richasiandude)StB Aya 130,510 2010-02-21 11:12:20
1.02a None 0.000%
Blood Of Asura. Catch Youmu during her slash, and watch for lingering slashes.
(chum)StB Aya 265,030 All Clear 2014-04-24 00:42:31
1.02a None 0.000%
4-3, 238 shots taken. I don't really want to learn this scene, so I just winged it and accepted this "whatever" run.
(Sakurei)StB Aya 230,400 All Clear 2015-01-27 02:29:46
1.02a None 0.000%
(Lasty)StB Aya 410,030 All Clear 2015-08-29 17:06:26
1.02a None 0.090%
(richasiandude)StB Aya 247,440 2010-02-21 11:13:16
1.02a None 0.000%
Vampirish Night. Just rotate the screen, it is not that difficult.
(chum)StB Aya 174,020 All Clear 2014-04-24 00:43:43
1.02a None 0.000%
4-4, 317 shots taken. This scene is pretty simple, but getting the optimal shots is obviously hard and It's easy to let the timer run down too much while trying to set up for a good shot.
(SKN)StB Aya 163,220 2015-09-18 20:30:35
1.02a None 0.000%
(richasiandude)StB Aya 546,700 2010-02-21 11:14:43
1.02a None 0.000%
Eirin's Non-SpellCard. You need to take your time on this one.
(chum)StB Aya 274,140 All Clear 2014-04-24 00:44:32
1.02a None 0.000%
4-5, 309 shots taken. I lost two possible 300k runs due to missing the last nice shot. The nice shots are quite difficult in this one and you also have to be patient with your position which you unfortunately have little freedom over.
(SKN)StB Aya 175,780 2015-09-18 21:05:57
1.02a None 0.000%
(richasiandude)StB Aya 240,610 2010-02-21 11:15:24
1.02a None 0.110%
Mercury Sea. This is the Scene that unlocked Extra for me.
(chum)StB Aya 300,210 All Clear 2014-04-24 00:45:38
1.02a None 0.000%
4-6, 282 shots taken. Lots of random 25k photos when using this strategy.
(SKN)StB Aya 175,780 2015-09-18 21:06:12
1.02a None 0.000%
(richasiandude)StB Aya 422,520 2010-02-21 11:16:26
1.02a None 1.120%
Boundary Between Form And Emptiness. My first Extra capture. All those failed shots were defensive.
(richasiandude)StB Aya 510,150 2010-02-21 11:17:35
1.02a None 0.070%
The Final Scene, Pandemonium. I didn't think I'd be able to get this, as it is the last SpellCard.
(chum)StB Aya 285,930 All Clear 2014-04-24 04:22:22
1.02a None 0.000%
4-7, 412 shots taken. This one is quite difficult and obnoxious.
(DarkPermafrost)StB Aya 0 2016-02-01 07:24:54 Other Condition
1.02a None 0.000%
(Enigma)StB Aya 42,160 2009-11-23 17:15:35
1.02a None 0.000%
Demonstration of 4-1. Almost ended up as a timeout, but managed to get it on the last shot.
(chum)StB Aya 426,550 All Clear 2014-04-24 04:24:33
1.02a None 0.000%
4-8, 391 shots taken. Dat last shot.
(chum)StB Aya 265,990 All Clear 2014-04-24 04:25:10
1.02a None 0.000%
4-9, 345 shots taken. I don't really understand how to get good photos here, so let's just call this a lucky run.
(JaimersLR)StB Aya 1,082,310 All Clear 2010-08-22 16:07:42
1.02a None 0.000%
LR contest entry.
(qno2)StB Aya 191,360 All Clear 2012-02-19 04:13:55
1.02a None 0.000%
Fluttering Petals of Falling Leaves - a demonstration. Of course you could also circle around Meiling but personally I think that it makes the whole card too difficult (that and I'm horrible with that approach). This strategy even works on the Ultra version of this card. The wait after taking a shot is important though so don't forget that in your hurry. Of course you could bait her even more but it's not really necessary.
(sakkyun_chan)StB Aya 32,550 All Clear 2016-02-26 12:10:33
1.02a None 3.850%
(Lopsidation)StB Aya 274,240 All Clear 2010-04-02 07:25:03
1.02a None 0.000%
Different strategy than the other clears I've seen. Only the third wave really has to be dodged.
(JaimersLR)StB Aya 667,950 All Clear 2010-08-22 16:12:56
1.02a None 0.180%
LR contest entry.
(chum)StB Aya 498,020 All Clear 2012-07-24 09:20:39
1.02a None 0.000%
Tried to take good photos, but it's just too hard to get close to Kaguya during the last two.
(sakkyun)StB Aya 32,550 All Clear 2016-02-26 12:11:54
1.02a None 3.850%
(JaimersLR)StB Aya 1,065,820 All Clear 2010-08-22 16:14:00
1.02a None 0.000%
LR contest entry.
(chum)StB Aya 923,530 All Clear 2012-07-24 09:25:51
1.02a None 0.120%
Best photo: 190,990. Might come back and improve this one, but I doubt by that much.
(White Lotus Sato)StB Aya 466,020 All Clear 2012-10-02 21:53:12
1.02a None 0.500%
Old replay of Bloody Magic Square
(chum)StB Aya 223,050 All Clear 2014-04-24 23:38:57
1.02a None 0.000%
5-1, 407 shots taken. When going for good photos, the self shot is extremely unreliable, it doesn't matter if Aya is in the picture, as long as her foot is cut off you simply don't get the bonus. As such, I compromised and finished a run with worse pictures.


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